Orbit - A Gravity Puzzle Game

Beat gravity and clear all the checkpoints


The idea started in 2011 and we kind of focused on other things in the mean time!

We are now happy to announce the beta of Orbit, a simple and enjoyable puzzle game.

Collect all the checkpoints in one attempt to progress to the next level! Gravity bends the path, wormholes make you jump around the screen.

Simply choose your start position, direction and speed…

With “Orbit” you will go on a calming but also challenging journey through space.

Find a way to defeat gravity and reach all checkpoints in this “retro-neon-looking” puzzle game.

Bypass static but also moving obstacles which cross your way around the planets and travel through time and space by entering wormholes.

Fancy for generating your levels? Great! Included is a full level editor, enabling your very own Orbit-level creations. Easily share your levels with your friends!
Make it simple, challenging or even artistic, choose from a wide range of elements and play with gravity to create your puzzles.

With the included level editor, you can generate any kind of level you think of. All done with drag and drop. Let elements move on a path, change the strength of gravity fields or adjust the color of planets. Orbit comes with a build in tutorial for the editor and in case you ever get stuck on a level you can always get a hint.

– From planets, to wormholes – explore various levels
– Minimalistic retro-neon look
– Full level editor included, create levels and share it with the community


Challenge your friends

Create new levels and share them directly with your friends.

With the in game editor, you can create levels, play them yourself to beat them and then send them to a friend to beat as well.

Let your imagination run wild and frustrate your friends with fiendishly challenging levels

Send us your levels, they might make it into the game!

9 + 7 =


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